On Thursday April 4th 2019, Northeastern held their annual Research Innovation and Scholarship Expo (RISE). Each year, over 2000 researchers, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders, attend the conference not only to hear ideas and presentations, but to participate as judges at the conference. The CORE Lab was represented by 10 different posters produced by teams led by graduate students and undergraduate researchers. Out of over 400 projects presented at RISE, three of the CORE lab’s posters were chosen as finalists for awards (30% success rate for CORE Lab posters, 5.5% for everyone else), and two  won awards! Congratulations to everyone who participated, the hard work and passion put into these projects was truly inspirational!


These are the CORE Lab posters from this year’s RISE:

“The Effect of Multi-Cultural Experience on Reducing Essentialist Beliefs About Nationality Concepts”

Yian Xu, Angela Xie, John D. Coley

“Brains and Essences: The Effects of Studying Neuroscience on Psychological Essentialism”

Nicole Pochinki, Jessica Leffers, John D. Coley

“Essentialist Beliefs About Racial Outgroups Predict the Own-Race Bias in Facial Recognition”

Jessica Leffers, Alec Rutherford, Jason Bisson, Kaila Atkins, Alexandra Askenazi, Brandon Coleman, Zoe Lolis, John D. Coley

“Teaching About Infectious Disease: How Intuitive Thought Scaffolds Student Learning About Health”

Emily E. Dahlgaard Thor, Lujane Barakat, Carol Bascom-Slack, Revati Masilamani, Nicole Pochinki, Kyleigh Watson, Berri Jacque, John D. Coley

“Ecological Thinking in Preschoolers: Evidence from Free Play”

Alexis Krigger, Maria Alvarez, Eva Chamard, Kelly Marchese, Claire Margiatto, Michal Fux, John D. Coley

“Anxious Institutions: Does Anxiety Predict Distorted Causal Reasoning?”

Kristhy Bartels, Emily E. Dahlgaard Thor, Eliza Grossman, John D. Coley

“Mind Over Matter: Connecting Cognitive Constructs”

Kaila Atkins, Zoe Lolis, Jessica Leffers, John D. Coley


Congrats to our poster that was among the 25 finalists for the RISE awards:

“Visualizations of Lay Understandings of Global Climate Change Reveal Intricate Misconceptions”

Kelly Marchese, Felicia Tuchman, Alexandra Askenazi, Nicole Betz, John D. Coley


Congrats to our posters that won RISE awards this year:

Winner of the Graduate Social Sciences, Business, and Law Category:

“Communicating Intuitively: The Important Impacts of Using Intuitive Language in Complex Science Communications”

Emily E. Dahlgaard Thor, Kyleigh Watson, Shrreya Aagarwal, Kristhy Bartels, Eliza Grossman, Melissa Morgan, Nicole Pochinki, John D. Coley

Winner of the Best Video Pitch Award:

“Findings From the NUCOREpus: A Field Study of Intuitive Language Across Science Communications”

Emily E. Dahlgaard Thor, Eliza Grossman, Shrreya Aagarwal, Kristhy Bartels, Natalia Chavez, Melissa Morgan, Nicole Pochinki, Kyleigh Watson, John D. Coley