Last Thursday, May 2nd, Northeastern honored the 2019 Psychology class graduates at the Northeastern University Psychology Graduation Ceremony. Among the graduates were many members of the CORE Lab. All the graduates were recognized for their hard work and achievements throughout their years at Northeastern and 3 of our CORE Lab graduates were even given awards! Kaila Atkins won the Avrom Aaron Leve award for excellence in coursework and character, Gabi Lane won the Citizenship Scholar Award for outstanding service contributions, and Olivia Dooley won the co-op excellence award for exceptional performance and impact in all co-op positions held. Congratulations to our CORE Lab graduates- Nicole Pochinki, Kaila Atkins, Lexi Krigger, Zoe Lolis, Gabi Lane, Hunter Coury, Lizzie George, Olivia Dooley, Norik Kirakosian, and Sunny Narasimhan- as well as all the other Department of Psychology graduates! While we are sad to see this group of exceptional students and researchers leave, we are so excited to see what they continue to accomplish and we wish them all great success in the future.

(from left) CORE Lab graduates Kaila, Hunter, Lexi, Olivia, Professor Coley (a non-graduate), Gabi, Norik, and Lizzie. Not pictured: Zoe, Sunny, and Pocha.