The CORE Lab’s Director Coley was recently featured in a News @ Northeastern article! Here’s an excerpt:

“Coley grew up listening to 80s rock, with a particular interest in new wave and alternative. He’s a big Bruce Springsteen fan, calling his music “the soundtrack of my coming of age.”

He first picked up the bass guitar 15 years ago, with the intent of jamming with his soon-to-be bandmates, and he’s taken lessons off-and-on for the past decade, honing his musical acumen on his four-stringed Fender Precision Bass. One of his favorite bass lines can be heard in The Allman Brothers’ song “Melissa,” the second single from the group’s third studio album. “It’s a beautiful song,” he explains, “and if you listen carefully, you can hear the bass doing some beautiful things.”

His playing style is simpler, more understated. “I do my best to compliment what the other musicians in the band are doing,” says Coley. “While I’ll throw in a bass fill every now and then, I’m mostly in the background, playing in the pocket with the drummer.”

“The Stacking Stones’ debut album—released on iTunes, Google Play, and other digital music platforms—is purposefully raw and unvarnished. It was recorded live over four days of fun at Middleville Studio in North Reading, Massachusetts, where the recording engineer succeeded in capturing the band’s sound ‘warts and all.'”

Check out the full article from News @ Northeastern about our rockin’ Professor Coley: PROFESSOR LIVES OUT ROCK STAR FANTASY by Jason Kornwitz.