PsyClub (Psychology Club) is an on-campus club that hosts meetings once a week for undergraduate students interested and passionate about all things psychology at Northeastern. The PsyClub is dedicated to providing students with new and exciting information in psychology. The members have dedicated themselves to providing students with the necessary information and relevant research needed to help them make them most of their undergraduate experience at Northeastern. It is their hope that students who attend the meetings are able to generate more self-efficacy and improved decision making while attending Northeastern.

This is exactly what happened at one of their most recent talks on graduate school preparation. They were happy to have two PhD students at Northeastern speak to the club members. One of these speakers was Mason Jenkins, a fourth-year PhD student working with Professor Nancy Kim in the Causal Cognition Laboratory. He spoke about all of the important details needed to understand the process of applying to and selecting the right graduate program. The other speaker was the CORE Lab’s very own, Emily Dahlgaard Thor, a first year PhD student. Emily began her story by speaking of her academic interests, which were reflected by her double major in linguistics and psychology. Following her undergraduate work, she spent time working on public policy research at the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce. It was there that she truly began to appreciate her passion for the interplay between the research surrounding education, health-care, and cognitive psychology. In recognition of her interdisciplinary research interests, she applied to the CORE Lab, a laboratory dedicated to the same principles of interdisciplinary and translational research. Seeing her story gave everyone much insight and inspiration as to how to find the best fit for their own graduate school education. It was a pleasure to have her, as well as Mason, join the group at PsyClub.

To learn more about PsyClub please contact fellow CORE Lab research assistant Hunter Coury (, who is also the Vice President of the PsyClub at Northeastern!