The CORE Lab’s own Dr. John D. Coley and Dr. Brian Helmuth from the Helmuth Lab both spoke at ‘The Science for the Public 2018 Science Lectures’ at MIT. A plethora of research supports the notion that global climate change is very real and is hence a serious issue. Yet in spite of this, many people are still dubious to the evidence in support of climate change. A closer look at various factors such as cognitive construals, personal experience, and perception’s of one’s own environment is needed in order to better understand how people think and learn about pressing matters such as global climate change. In the following talk at “The Science for the Public 2018 Science Lectures” at MIT, Dr. Coley and Dr. Helmuth address how understanding the interplay between these factors will allow for more effective methods of raising awareness about climate change.┬áCheck out their talk below!

Photo credit to Ian Mears.