Each year, Northeastern University hosts the Research, Innovation, & Scholarship Expo (RISE), an event which prides itself on celebrating “tomorrow’s ideas today”. Over 2,000 technology enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, and industry leaders from a myriad of diverse sectors descend upon Northeastern to engage with more than 400 of Northeastern’s solution-focused innovations and research endeavors. This year, the CORE lab had a whopping 9 abstracts and posters accepted to the expo. Of the 9 posters presented at RISE, 4 of them were awards finalists, and 2 of them won! We are all extremely grateful for the opportunity to present our research and ideas at RISE this past Thursday, April 5th among so many other talented huskies. It is truly inspirational to be surrounded by those who share our love and passion for research and innovation.

Below you will find a list of all 9 of our posters from this year’s RISE (click on the title of the poster to view the poster):

“Mind Over Matter- Connecting Cognitive Constructs

Kaila Atkins, Hunter Coury, Tory Govan, Ashley Scott, Jessica Leffers, John D. Coley

“The Portrayal of Muslim vs. Non-Muslim Perpetrators of Mass Shootings in the Media

Kristhy Bartels, Samantha Goldman, Allyson Lowitz, Alexa Soares, Nicole Betz, John D. Coley

“Anxious Intuitions- Does Anxiety Predict Distortions in Causal Reasoning?

Kristhy Bartels, Emily E. Dahlgaard Thor, & John D. Coley

“Relations Between Racial Essentialism and Facial Recognition”

Samantha Goldman, Chloe Andre,  Hunter Coury, Sophie Coats, Alexandre Jolly, Jessica Leffers, John D. Coley

“Learning Through the Intuitive Lens- Relations between Intuitive Thinking and Evolutionary Understanding

 Katherine Hut, Kaila Atkins, Kristhy Bartels, Angie Chan, Tory Govan, Jessica Leffers, John D. Coley


A special congrats and shout-out to 2 of our posters that were among the 25 finalists for the RISE awards:

“Thinking of Humans as Exceptional May Decrease Environmental Concern

Nicole Betz, John D. Coley

“Metaphor and Intuitive Cognition in Science Communications

Emily E. Dahlgaard Thor, Kristhy Bartels, Natalia Chavez, Eliza Grossman, John D. Coley


A special congrats and shout-out to 2 of our posters that won RISE awards this year:

Winner of the Undergraduate Social Sciences, Business, and Law Category

“Dehumanizing Language: Portrayals of Muslim and Non-Muslim Perpetrators of Mass Shootings in the Media”

Samantha Goldman, Kristhy Bartels, Allyson Lowitz, Nicole Betz, John D. Coley

Winner of the Graduate Social Sciences, Business and Law Category; Winner of the Scholarship Award

“From Essentialist to Compassionate Mind- Using Mindfulness Training as an Intervention Tool to Reduce Essentialist Bias

Yian Xu, Eliza Grossman, Natalia Chavez, John D. Coley