A new academic year has started and our amazing research assistants are back filling our corridors! We’d love to welcome our returning students and the new students that are joining our team this semester!

We are very excited to be working on a wide variety of studies this semester and we are proud to announce that four of our projects are being carried out in large part by undergraduate students.

Here is a brief description of their work:

Kaila is investigating the relationship between mindset and essentialist thinking.

Kristhy studies how anxiety relates to teleological thinking, for example, the tendency to explain an event by way of an assumed goal or purpose as opposed to an antecedent event.

Hunter is working on a project that will examine the possible relationships between American patriotism, psychological essentialism, and contemporary perceptions towards both American and non-American nationalities.

Nicole is studying how students from different majors might have different essentialist beliefs when thinking about social categories.