Over the summer, three amazing CORE Lab team members, Eliza Grossman, Julia Tracy and Hunter Coury, had the opportunity to visit London for a Psychology Dialogue. They had an enriching experience where they were immersed in the psychology field, from lectures, to psychology museums, while exploring everything that the vibrant city had to offer.

During the day, they assisted psychology classes at Richmond University. In the evenings, they were visited by different psychologists and given lectures on various topics, ranging from emotional psychology to dance therapy. One of the most interesting experiences, they all agreed, was learning about psychoanalysis in the very cradle of the field. Not only did they have incredible resources –such as visiting Freud’s house and analyzing some of his patients’ original paintings with field experts– but they were lectured by the most renowned psychoanalysts in the world.

From TATE Museum and Camden Market, to the Museum of the Mind and Freud’s house, they all came back with new findings and amazing experiences.