The CORE Lab’s very own Nicole Betz was just awarded the College of Science Dean’s Award for Graduate Student Excellence in Teaching! This award is presented to only one graduate student in the entire College of Science each year. In the classroom, at lab meetings, and even during one on one meetings with students and research assistants, Nicole proves herself to be not only an excellent teacher, but also a mentor to any student who seeks her advice. Her research team of undergraduate research assistants really appreciate the passion and hard work she puts into leading the team and see her as a professional and educational role model. One of her RAs, Felicia Tuchman, said “From my first day at the CORE Lab, Nicole’s guidance has been instrumental in my seamless integration into the community, as well as my education with regards to many complex psychological and environmental concepts. Nicole is an exceedingly personable, passionate and professional individual.” All of the CORE Lab’s research assistants shares these high opinions of Nicole and were so excited to hear that she won this award. Congratulations Nicole, no one deserves this award more than you!