June 6-9 , members of the CORE Lab presented at SARMAC XIII (the meeting of the Society for Applied Research in Memory and Cognition) that took place in Cape Cod. Their symposium, “Exploring the Role of Intuitive Beliefs in the Way People Learn About and Understand Science,” discussed the prevalence of intuitive thinking in people’s understanding of science and the implications of this in various scientific domains. The CORE lab teamed up with Laura Swiney from the University of Warwick and Sarah Pickett and Kimberly Tanner from San Francisco State University for the symposium’s presentation. It was a huge success- the presentation went well and there were great discussions surrounding the topics!

During breaks in the conference, the CORE team had a chance to explore the beaches (and seafood restaurants) of Cape Cod. It sounds like it was a wonderful trip and a great way to kick off the summer!

CORE Lab team with a collaborator at SARMAC 2019. Pictured from left to right: John Coley, Nicole Betx, Emily Dahlgaard Thor, Michal Fux, and Sarah Pickett.


Michal Fux presenting “Understanding Synthetic Biology: The Role of Biology and Moral Reasoning in Evaluating Engineered Life”


Emily Dahlgaard Thor presenting “Using Cognitive Science to Inform Effective Science Communications”


Nicole Betz presenting “The Impacts of Human Exceptionalism and Formal Environmental Science Education on Understanding Global Climate Change”