After five years of hard work and dedication in the CORE Lab, our own Yian Xu became Dr. Yian Xu, PhD! Last Thursday, she presented her dissertation on “Psychological Essentialism in Legal and Clinical Decision-Making,” which focused on the downstream consequences of essentialism in real-world contexts. Her research is hugely important and applicable as an examination of factors that influence things like sentencing decisions in court and patient behavior in medical settings. Many came out to support Yian at her defense, including faculty members, other graduate students, and many of the CORE research assistants. Yian will be going on to a postdoctoral research position with Dr. Marjorie Rhodes in the Conceptual Development and Social Cognition Lab at New York University. Congratulations once again, Dr. Xu! We wish you all the best!


Yian presenting her dissertation

Members of the CORE Lab celebrating Yian