The current lab coordinator, Lucretia Henriquez, was recently selected for the Summit Award, which provides up to $3000 for a semester-long research or creative project in conjunction with a faculty mentor. Lucretia’s award will be used for a study about the relationship between religion and intuitive thinking with PhD students Jessica Leffers and Emily Thor, and Dr. Coley. The study will look at the relationships between religious background, essentialism, teleology, and anthropic thinking, as well as cognitive reflection, in adults from around the world. 

The Summit Award is part of a new set of awards called the Project-based Exploration for the Advancement of Knowledge (PEAK) Awards. There are seven PEAK awards, each geared toward undergraduates at varying levels of experience and engagement in their fields, ranging from a lunch pass for students to have intellectual conversations with faculty, to $1000 for a year-long project with a partner organization, to $5000 for full-time interdisciplinary projects over the summer. Each individual or group chosen for these awards attends a lunch to discuss their projects with other awardees. This is the first semester the PEAK awards have been offered. You can see the full list of projects that were awarded here.