The CORE Lab recently competed at the first ever College of Science Team Trivia night under the very excellent team name of Collection of Rad Experimenters, or CORE for short. To help keep the playing field even, none of the questions were related to science or math. Topics included things like the streets referenced in Tom Petty’s song “Free Fallin,’” the location of the largest diamond mine in the United States, the meaning of the year listed on a bottle of wine, and a photo round to identify fictional teachers in movies and tv shows. The competition was steep, and despite our best efforts, the CORE Lab team sadly did not win. The team from the Dean’s office, Welcome to Deantown, took top prize. See more pictures from the event below!

From left to right: Cat Cullina, Denisa Ramseier, Lucretia Henriquez, Finn Payne, Grace Huang, Dr. Coley, Emily Thor, Jessica Leffers

The CORE Lab team hard at work