Several projects from the CORE Lab were accepted to Boston’s 2020 Eastern Psychological Association Conference this upcoming March at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel. EPA is one of the oldest psychological associations in the United States and their main goal is to advance the field of psychology through the dissemination of important research discoveries in psychology. 

The projects accepted from the CORE Lab cover a variety of different topics in the field of cognitive psychology. The projects involve the different types of cognitive construals studied in the CORE Lab: essentialism, anthropocentrism, and teleology. The projects accepted from the CORE Lab include how people’s essentialist beliefs relate to racial transformations, the relationship between religion and different types of intuitive thought (essentialism, teleology, and anthropic thinking), and the different types of anthropic language used by biology majors and non biology majors in response to biology prompts. Another project that was accepted involves examining the use of intuitive thought in science communications and whether intuitive language increases or decreases depending on the knowledge base of the intended audience.

We can’t wait to see the CORE Lab presenting at EPA this March!