This past weekend, members of the CORE Lab gathered at The Clayroom in Brookline for a new group outing: pottery painting! 


With dozens of pre-made pieces to choose from, each Lab member had the opportunity to select their own distinctive piece. See some of our talented artists and their pieces below!

Jamie (Co-Op) painted a flower dish with bright shades of orange and purple. 

Alegra’s (RA) bowl featured a fun surprise: a lizard on the bottom!

Eshna’s (RA) wavy, soft blue-toned bowl is reminiscent of a shell one might find along the beach.

Mia (RA) tested her precision work with a painting of a beloved children’s cartoon character.

Daria (Lab Manager) embraced a floral theme, with sprigs of lavender surrounding her cup. 

Eva’s (RA) spoon featured dazzling stars.

Ella’s (RA) dish caught eyes with her use of bright colors and fun patterns.

We had such a great time spending the day with everyone! Looking forward to our next CORE Lab adventure!